Mount Xerovouni

Mountain Xirovouni is located in central Evia and belongs to mountain range of Dirfy. It is a rocky mountain and there are many climbing routes (traditional climbing). During the winter months when there is snow the ridge is quite dangerous. There are many holes among the rocks, creating traps that can cause injuries to hikers, without snow crossing the ridge is fun. Around there is a forest rich in flora. During the ascent we find chestnut trees, firs, pines, beeches, etc. Despite the name of the mountain Xirovouni, which means dry mountain, there are many sources and many places to camp under the shade of trees. Also there are many forest roads which can be crossed by mountain bike. There is even a circular route. From Xirovouni one can see the top of Dirfy while overlooking the Aegean Sea. For trekking the best season is spring and autumn. During the summer months the cliffs of the ridge become too hot for walking. Having as a base the shelter at Dirfy one can visit the mountains in two days. The summit is no more than 1453m but due to its geographical position it receives a lot of snow.

1453m. (Portaris)

100 km from Athens.
486 km from Thessaloniki.

There are no shelters (nearby there is the shelter of Dirfy)

Recommended routes
Steni – Templa source
We ascend to the village Steni. We continue on the main road leaving the village and soon on our left we see the football stadium. The trail begins a few meters above the right side of the road. There is a mountaineering sign. We descend a forest path and reach the river. From this point there are two paths. One ascends to the shelter of Dirfy and the other for Xirovouni. We follow what goes right over the wooden bridge. The signs are good and the path is visible. The first piece is a mixed forest of deciduous and evergreen trees. Soon we come to a forest road where we follow a left turn. We walk the dirt road and about 20 minutes later we meet the river again. We cross it and continue on the road; the river now flows on our left. In a short time and on a left turn will see the path on our right hand. At this point we leave the road. We will have to cross the river several times. After rain and in the spring when the snow melts, the river level rises and very easy to find one soggy inside. Then, after passing over trunks and points where the path has eroded reach the source Kalovrysi. From here we will continue right onto the dirt road and the path continues just opposite. There is a sign that shows us the way to go. We ascend beneath trees and soon we reach a forest road. From here we see the rocky ridge of Xirovouni. We continue left and soon we find the path to our right. In the beginning is not marked, but the path is visible. We continue until we reach the saddle. From here a path goes right to the source Templa and top of the mountain, while to the right there is another path that leads to the second highest peak of the mountain and the village of Seta. We continue to the left and soon we reach the source.

From here the trail continues through the forest until the source Konisma. In the middle of the trail begins the unclear path that leads to the mountain top. Characteristic point of the area is the large sycamore tree and the old terraces that testify that here people once cultivated the land. The path to the top is not easy. Especially with snow things are quite dangerous and not recommended for hikers who do not have experience in winter field. Another dangerous phenomenon is the frequent landslides made after snowfall.

Crossing the ridge
We ascend from the village Steni towards the village Stropones. Our path leads to a saddle which connects Dirfy with Xerovouni. On our left we see the mountaineering sign that leads us to the shelter. The road goes downhill from here and soon we reach a junction with the left road leading us to Stropones, while the right leads to the village of Metochi; we follow the road to the right. We continue for several kilometers having Xirovouni on our right. At the section where the rocks on our right end, we begin to pay attention to find the road that leads to Kato Seta. A characteristic sign is the top with the fir trees on our right that has the name Black Firs. Here you will find the dirt road to follow. We leave the car and walk through a forest of tall firs until you reach left of the top Portaris. A characteristic point is the source, while our left is the top Pyrgari. From this point we begin the ascent to the top. The trail has no signs of climbing marks and there is no path. We move uphill and soon reach the rocks. The adventure begins here. The direction to follow to get to the summit, but also to the second highest mountain peak is visible. It is on us to find our own path to follow to avoid the cliffs and deadlocks.

Nearby sights
see Dirfys

Local history
see Dirfys

There are no ski resorts.

author – photographer: Panos Bampaloukas

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