Mount Triklario

One of the most unknown and least discovered Greek mountains is mount Triklario. It is situated next to lake “Mikri Prespa” and borders with mountains Varnountas and Verno. At its slopes we can find around 1300 species of plants and a rich forest with beeches, oaks, junipers and firs. We can also encounter the rare fir Abies Alba and the oaks Quercus Trojana. The fauna in the area is equally rich despite the fact that roads penetrate the forest. Bears, wolves, wild cats, deers and badgers.

From the slopes of the mountain we have a unique view to Lake Mikri Prespa and to other mountains most notably Varnountas and Albanian mountains, which are usually covered with a lot of snow. The summit of Triklario is below 1800m a fact that makes the mountain fully green. Only very close to the top we witness alpine characteristics. One of the most beautiful itineraries starts from just outside the village Mikrolimni. From this point we can see Vidronisi and the small village built around the lake.

Another beautiful area is the gulf of Latista. For those who dare to camp in a such wild area there many glades but we have to keep in mind that the area is a passage for bears moving to Eastern Macedonia and to Albania. There are also two deserted villages on the mountain: Sfika (Besfina) and Kranies (Drenovo) that played an important role during the Greek civil. Until recently Triklario was a passage for immigrants coming from Albania.

Highest elevation
(Barba) 1776m.

560km from Athens
165km from Thessaloniki

There are no shelters.

Recommended routes
3-hours hiking until the low summit over the village Mirkolimni.
We arrive at Mikrolimni village and we continue through the houses until we reach the dirt road to the left of the lake Mikri Prespa. A caravan in military colors and a small church are characteristic. The path starts to the left as indicated by the mountaineering sign. We climb having the lake on our right and after 20 min we arrive at an opening with a sheepfold. From this point the path goes to the left through an oak forest and leads to a ridge. We are at the foot of the mountain; the summit we are heading is on our left. We continue on the trail which becomes less distinct but we cannot miss the summit. If we are lucky we can spot pieces of bombshells on the bushes; higher we can see ruins of army posts. This itinerary goes next to the lake and is far from the higher summit but it is very beautiful and appropriate even for families.

Nearby sights
Some of the most famous villages are Agios Germanos, Psarades, Vrontero and Mikrolimni. The little island of Agios Achilios with the ruined chuch bearing the same name is definitely worth visiting. The area is ideal for those that love photographing the nature and the landscape. Next to the village Agkathoto there is a cave used by the guerrillas during the civil war; it has been preserved and it is accessible for visitors. At the lake Megali Prespa a boat ride to visit the monk cell ashore is proposed.

Local history
The mountain was the base of a part of the Greek army during WWII. For this reason one can see fortifications and ammunition. The are was also important during the Greek civil war.

There are no ski resorts. In short distance there is the ski resort of Pisoderi to direction to Florina.

author – photographer: Panos Bampaloukas

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