Ratzorema Gorge (Mount Chatzi)

Ratzorema gorge is situated at the foot of mount Chatzi, not far from the dam of Mesochora. Its opening gives the appearance of a dried up stream, but the river, which is hidden only a few meters away, has continuous flow all year round. Still, few people attempt a dip in its waters, which remain ice-cold even during the summer.

To reach the gorge, follow the road from Mesochora towards Vourgareli village. After passing the dam, you should be able to see an old metal bridge on your left side and the road leading you there. Be aware that the road is often damaged by landfalls, while the wooden parts of the bridge are beginning to rot. When crossing to the other side, you should walk very carefully and only on the metal structures.

After crossing the river, continue to the right on the trail leading to the opening of the gorge. The first pond is quite small and far below; keep walking through the maple trees until you reach a waterfall and the end of the path. You may either stop here, or continue to the next waterfall, surrounded by a bigger pond which is more suitable for swimming. To reach it, you must climb the rocks on your right, paying special attention since there is no rope to secure your ascend.


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