Mount Kitheronas

Mountain Kitheron is located west of Mount Parnitha and it joined to it with mount Pastra. Further south and east stand Gerania and Patera mountains. It is covered by forest and due to its low altitude it does not have alpine parts. The trees we can see is pines, firs and junipers. The fires of 2009-2010 brunt a great part of the mountain and the forest roads opened for the installation of wind turbines threat it.

Another open wound for the mountain is the military installation and the antennas that lie on its summit. The base belong to NATO but now it is controlled by the ministry of defense that hasn’t done anything for its restoration. The asphalt road from Vilia village ends here. For these reasons most of the most of the climbs are made towards the second highest peak which is closer to the mountain refuge.

The trails are in a very good shape thanks to the mountaineering club of Eleusina. Besides the main ridge the mountain is mild morphologicaly and it is ideal for mountain biking.

From the top we can see Elikonas, Parnasos, Dirfys, Pyxarias, and many mountains of Peloponese. To the Northwest we can see the gulf of Alkyonides and of Corinthos.

The fauna of the mountain encompases foxes, hares, ferrets, hawks and many other smaller birds.

Kithaironas is very easily accessible from Athens; one can climb it in the morning and be back at the city by noon. One of the most beautiful trail starts from village Vilia.

Highest elevation
Profitis Ilias 1409m

54.2 km from Athens
449 km from Thessaloniki

Shelter “Vaggelis Tsakos” – tel: + 30 210 554 5430

Recommended routes
Vilia – shelter “Vaggelis Tsakos”-summit 1358m

We arrive at Eleusina and turn right to the road to Thebes. After about half an hour we turn left following the sign to Vilia. We cross the village from the road that passes through the houses and at the exit we see on our right hand a small park with a fountain. On the left there is a burnt tavern.

A few meters further to the right we see a white concrete tank. Here starts the hiking trail. The mountaineering signs are to the left of the tank. We ascend and move next to the dry creek. Soon we will see the poles (path 22) which has placed by the Alpine Club of Eleusina. We follow them and reach another tank. From this point the path becomes a road that takes us to the first firs. Soon we encounter an old deserted fold. We leave the road and we ascend to the left through low vegetation. We need to pay attention not to loose the marks and we meet another road. We cross it and soon after we meet another one. Here we move a bit the the right and we will find a broad trail on our left that takes us to the ridge. For here we can see Parnasos and Dirfys. We gain some height reaching to the shelter “Vaggelis Tsakos” and to the asphalt road that comes from the village. To reach the peak of 1358m we need to climb via a steep slope with firs. Soon the angle becomes milder and we can see the concrete column of the peak. To return we take the same way back. It takes 5 hours in total.

Nearby sights
Nearby is Porto Germeno, a classic destination for Athenians. Here you can swim under the shadow of the mountain, enjoy the large areas of pine forest and visit the ancient castle of Aigosthena. Another popular destination is the archaeological site of Plataies and Leuctro north of mountain.

Local history
See Elikonas

Ski resorts
There is no ski center.

author – photographer: Panos Bampaloukas

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