Mount Chelidona

Fir-clad mount Chelidona is located in Evrytania perfecture, next to the mountains Panetoliko and Kaliakouda. Rivers Karpenisiotis and Trikeriotis flow at its foot, while its peak offers spectacular views of Kremasta dam- but not the villages, byzantine monastery and historical bridge of Tatarna, which are hidden underwater in the artificial lake. The mountain’s southern slopes are relatively steep and not easy to climb.

Highest elevation
1975 m.

292 km from Athens
315 km from Thessaloniki


Recommended routes
Mikro Chorio- Summit:

Starting from the village we need to climb the concrete road marked with a yelow sign. Then we need to take the dirt road towards Diavolakia until the trail appears on your left. The path is clearly waymarked. On our way we will meet the dirt road a few times. After an hour’s hike through the firs, we should come to the last dirt road which we can follow for a few minutes to left to find a spring. The we should go back to find the path again.

Soon the forest gives way to alpine vegetation. Continue your ascend, leaving Mount Tymfrystos behind you. You will then reach a col, offering a panorama of Kremaston lake. Turn left and ascend the last part of the trail. The route is relatively easy and takes about three hours to complete. Still, during the winter it is advisable to bring snow equipment, as the last section is quite steep.

Alternative route:

From the summit we can return via another way. We need to follow the left ridge eastwards to Kalliakouda. We pass the first rocky top from the right since it is quite steep. Then we keep descending passing many tops until we reach the hardest part of the route where we need to move carefully. When we reach the ridge we move to the opposite side ascending, then we keep descending through the firs.

We will reach a plateau following the red spots on the rock. To find the way back to the village we need to find the chapel of Saint Sostis which is below next to an antenna. From the chappel we need to take the road to the left to reach the village. The route takes about 7 hours and it is not recommended for the novice climber.

Local history
Many of the nearby villages were burnt by German forces during WWII because their residents took part in the resistance struggle. They are now known as “Martyrika” (of martyrdom).

Nearby sights
Fidakia village, situtated near the lake, is worth a visit and so is the ethnographic museum in Mikro Chorio, housed in what used to be the village’s school. You may also test your skills with canoe-kayaking at the lake.

Ski resorts

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